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Five Steps To Getting Your Baby
To Sleep Through The Night

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cherished sleep private consultations

Sleep Consultations

If you’re ready for a clear, easy-to-follow plan that will teach your child the skills necessary to happily sleep through the night (and take long, restful naps during the day)

cherished sleep private consultations

Sleep Events - In person and online

Attending a Sleep Sense seminar provides a comfortable environment where a small group of parents get together and learn how to SOLVE their children’s sleep problems. 

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Kim Corley

Parenting is hard enough without missing out on sleep!

Hi, I’m Kim, mum to two gorgeous school-age children, and certified sleep sense consultant. I know what it’s like to be at the end of your tether due to lack of sleep. It’s hard to enjoy your child and really be there for them when you’re exhausted – let alone be your best at work, or take care of all your other family and household responsibilities.

I started Cherished Sleep, sleep consulting because I know firsthand what sleep deprivation can do to families…

Success Stories

Mum of Master C. (3 years)

We had tried everything we could think of to get my son to sleep through the night, so much so I wondered what Kim could possible offer that we hadn’t tried already. You can imagine our shock and delight after following her plan by the 3rd night he had slept through!  Kim has such a gentle, supportive and extremely knowledgeable approach I only wish I had found her earlier.

Mum of Miss M. (8 years)

“Kim you’ve changed our lives! It’s not just babies who need sleep support and our family will be forever grateful for your practical advice, ongoing support and cheerleading. We’ve got our evenings back and I’ll never forget who did that for us. The very best money we’ve ever spent by far! I’m now one of those smug people who takes normal bedtimes for granted.”

Mum of Miss T. (14 weeks)

“I want to thank you once again for all your advice and support. I got results on the second night after following your program, Tristyn went from 4 night wakes to only one, and by the end of the week she was sleeping through at 14 weeks old. The plan has changed our lives; sleep deprivation is a thing of the past.  Thanks Kim.”

Kim Corley – Certified Sleep Consultant

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