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 – Kim Corley (Sleep Specialist)

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Sleep deprivation can affect all aspects of our lives.

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Hi, I’m Kim! Mum to two gorgeous school-age children, and certified Sleep Sense™ consultant. I know what it’s like to be at the end of your tether due to lack of sleep. It’s hard to enjoy your child and really be there for them when you’re exhausted – let alone be your best at work, or take care of all your other family and household responsibilities.

I started Cherished Sleep, sleep consulting because I know firsthand what sleep deprivation can do to families…

You don’t have to do it alone, I am here to help!

Five Steps To Getting Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night

Sleep deprivation is no joke, it has real consequences for the whole family.

When your child isn’t sleeping it means NO-ONE is getting the rest they need.

If this is happening in your household, your stress levels are likely through the roof.

If you feel like you’re not coping and you’re often reduced to tears, it’s time to get some help. Lack of sleep puts you at greater risk of depression, anxiety and physical health problems and it may also be affecting your child’s wellbeing and their development.

Whether you’re a new parent after advice, you’re struggling with your child’s sleep, or you’re the one with a sleep issue to fix, I’d love to help your family.

Work With Me

Where practicable, I will come to your home for the sleep consultation, and include a free assessment of your child’s sleep environment.

Sleep Packages

Parenting is hard enough without missing out on sleep – let’s fix that!

Cherished Start

This package includes:

  • A 60-90 minute personalised sleep consultation via phone or Zoom
  • A sleep plan for newborns
  • Four follow-up support emails or phone calls (your choice)
  • Other resources as applicable

Price: $299

Cherished Sleep Skills

This package (per child) includes:

  • A full evaluation of your child’s sleep and schedule
  • A private 90-120 minute sleep consultation
  • A customised sleep plan
  • Online sleep log – so you can see the improvements
  • Four follow-up telephone calls in the first week
  • Unlimited email support in the second and third weeks

From $599 – $899 

Cherished In-home Support

This package (per child) includes:

  • A full evaluation of your child’s sleep, schedule AND sleep environment
  • A 60-90 minute private sleep consultation prior to starting (this may be remote)
  • A customised written sleep plan
  • (a) In-home bedtime support for six hours on the first night OR (b) In-home bedtime support for 3 hours each on nights one and two. You choose (a) or (b).
  • Three hours of text support on the night of your choice
  • Online sleep log – so you can see the improvement
  • Five follow-up telephone calls to be used as needed
  • Unlimited email support during the package term (up to 6 weeks)

From $1295 

Cherished Solve Your Sleep

This adult package (per person) includes:

  • A full evaluation of your sleep, schedule, sleep environment plus food, drink and supplements or medication.
  • A 2-hour private sleep consultation to discuss getting started
  • Small bite size changes, moving at your pace to prevent overwhelm
  • A customised written plan added to weekly
  • Online sleep log – so you can see your improvement
  • 1-hr call, via Zoom or phone, every week for four weeks
  • Unlimited email support during the package term (up to 6 weeks)
  • Resources as required
  • For adult

$999 per person

Cherished Multiples

For twins, triplets or more – add $100 for each additional child

Cherished Bespoke additions

  • Two extra phone calls during the plans term $60
  • Extra week of email support $100
  • Three hours text support on the initial night of the plan (from bedtime) $100
  • Six hours text support on the initial night of the plan (from bedtime) $350
  • Five days of text support over the plans term (during the hours of 9am – 9pm) $500


5 tips to avoid sleep sabotage these holidays

5 tips to avoid sleep sabotage these holidays

If you’ve been working hard to teach your baby independent sleep skills and they’re finally sleeping through the night, then I just want to warn you. This Christmas, even though it is a wonderful time to celebrate and spend time with the people you love, it can also be an absolute minefield of potential sleep sabotage.

The Truth about Dummy use

The Truth about Dummy use

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The Sleep Sense™ Method, created by Dana Obleman in 2003, has already helped hundreds of thousands of parents just like you teach their children healthy sleep habits. It was my strong belief in Dana’s system that inspired me to become a professional sleep consultant, and I look forward to helping you and your family achieve the same results that my recent clients have been enjoying. Here are some testimonials from them:

Kim has been fantastic! Couldnt reccomend Cherished Sleep more! We have a 13 month old, feed to sleep and terriable at self settling since 4 months old. At 1 year we decided to try it out, after 1 night we noticed improvements, after 2 nights we had a changed boy. Its now 2 weeks and oh my goodness, we have ourselves a little angel sleeper! Kim thank you, highly reccomend the investment. Even if you have a ‘pretty good sleeper’ you will soon have a master sleeper!

k jenkins

Kim has been so wonderful to work with in giving us the tools to give our children the skills they needed to sleep well. Our girls didn’t make it the easiest transition but all the awesome tips and tricks Kim had up her sleeve helped us overcome these. We now have stress free bedtimes and lovely rested children.

Claire Jennings

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