Short Calls

20-minute Cherished Express Call

This 20-minute advice call helps with sleep complications due to developmental stages or small sleep issues. You can literally ask me anything and I will share the information I share with my one-on-one clients. Please note “how do I teach a child to self-settle” is a trickier conversation that requires a full evaluation and holistic overview of what’s currently happening, and these consultations usually take two hours. To make the most of our time, please give me as much information as possible when you book, including your child’s age and daily schedule. Note this is the call ONLY. It is a one-off call and does not come with an email or any follow-up.

Price: $55

You are asked to pay for this call when booking.

If this call goes overtime, you will be invoiced an additional $10 per 10-minute block.

Let’s improve your child’s sleep! YAY!!

“Ask Me Anything” Call

This 30-minute call lets you ask me any questions you have around sleep. Whether it be how to fix early mornings, how to help your child take longer naps, stop bedtime battles or how to make the most of upcoming travel without throwing the whole schedule out. You’ll receive as many answers to your questions as I can give you to put you on the path to successfully navigating any sleep issues.

After the call you will receive an email outlining the main points we discussed (so you don’t have to furiously scribble notes) AND you can email me back if you want to clarify something within a week of your call!

These Ask Me Anything calls are best for a sleep problem that isn’t causing too much stress, but life sure would be easier if it was fixed! It’s also a great start for better sleep if you’re on a tight budget.

Before the call you may email me with your questions including your child’s age and daily schedule, so we can make the most of our time on the phone.

You will be asked to pay when you book your call (previous clients receive a discount – please contact me for the discount code prior to booking).

Let’s sort those sleep issues!

Price: $95 (includes email)

Thinking a sleep package to teach your child to self-settle and solve sleep issues once is more what you’re after?

Lets talk it through in a free sleep evaluation call…and see if we’re a good fit here.