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Welcome to the next development stage in parenting! It’s when the most perfect sleeper can start mucking around at bedtime and then start waking numerous times at night. It’s also a time for testing the waters or pushing boundaries.

If your child has never slept through the night and you’re ready for this to change, you’ll want to check out my top 5 tips for getting your toddler to sleep through the night download here.

If things used to be going well but now sleep has fallen apart, or if you’re at the stage of expecting another baby and you need better sleep, don’t despair! We can get you on track with sleep while keeping the following things about toddlers in mind:

During the toddler stage of development there is so much growth and change.

A major task for a toddler is independence – learning how to be independent and in fact, needing to be independent.

One of the most important things for parents of toddlers to do is support a toddler’s need for independence while ensuring that their need for structure and routine is being met.

Consistency is crucial for toddlers. Parents need to keep responding consistently and keep the expectations, routine and structure consistent as well.

They have a short attention span, and they are very active and have a high need for physical movement.

They have a low frustration point (low tolerance).

They have rapid mood shifts and their emotions are very intense (but usually very short lived!).

Living with a toddler and being a toddler is very, very difficult if the toddler isn’t well rested.

Let me help you correct the balance of power and make bedtime the best time of the day, for everyone!

No more bedtime battles, a child that happily falls asleep and sleeps through, waking refreshed and ready to start a new day. Yes please! You will really notice the difference, and yes it is possible! And, it is often easier than you think (even if you think you’ve tried EVERYTHING).

Book your free sleep evaluation call to learn how I can help you correct the balance, and make bedtime the best time of the day, for everyone.

I’m here to help!

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“Before Kim came on the scene, my 16-month-old son was waking twice a night for a bottle, plus countless other times crying, wanting cuddles, sometimes up for hours. It was exhausting. Kim came in with such warmth, wisdom and encouragement and honestly it was game-changing. She gave me the support and tools I needed to help my son sleep and most importantly the confidence to follow through. I couldn’t believe the change after just a few days. He now sleeps all night. No bottles, no waking, no tears. Looking back, I don’t know why I waited so long! Thank you Kim, a true treasure.”

Mum of Master I. (18 months)

“Thanks Kim for your help and paitence in the ups and downs. Our 11 month old went from waking every 2 hours at night (feeding to sleep) to sleeping through the night in week and a half! Naps were much harder, but you were always there to give advice when we got stuck.”

Mum of Miss I. (11 months)

“We had tried everything we could think of to get my son to sleep through the night, so much so I wondered what Kim could possible offer that we hadn’t tried already. You can imagine our shock and delight after following her plan by the 3rd night he had slept through!  Kim has such a gentle, supportive and extremely knowledgeable approach I only wish I had found her earlier.”

Mum of Master C. (3 years)

“I am so glad we made the decision to get Kim in to help us figure out the best way to proceed in trying to get our 14 month old to sleep happily on her own. It seemed like we had a few ‘bad habits’ stacked against us – having to rock her in our arms to sleep, then put her in our bed for the night, and then deal with the numerous night wakes for feeds. But to our delight Evie adapted so well to the plan, she is now sleeping in her OWN cot in her OWN room without all the drama I was anticipating. Yes it takes hard work and perseverance, but Kim really cares and her warm support and knowledgeable advice every step of the way makes the process seem much less daunting and definitely do-able. Knowing she was right there if we needed help and problem solving tailored to our specific situation is what enabled us stick to the plan and eventually experience our baby sleeping through the night all on her own!”

Mum of Miss E. (14 months)

“Kim, I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for us. Your kindness, patience and support has been absolutely remarkable and has exceeded anything we could have possibly expected. I am so inspired by your passion for what you do, your attention to the smallest details, and your cute personal touches. Thank you for helping us to banish the “Bumps in the Night”, and to make sleep deprivation a thing of the past. I couldn’t recommend you more highly. If your child isn’t sleeping well, Kim will help you to get back on track and help your family get the rest they deserve. Trust me, you won’t regret it!”

Mum of Miss R. (2.5 years)

“Kim has successfully given us her knowledge, experience and advice to help get both my kids (15 months and 3.5 years) to sleep through the night and I can honestly say thanks to her amazing work it has changed my life!

I kept waiting for the littlies to grow out of waking so often but Kim educated me how to gently get them back to sleep. She developed two completely different programs for both kids and within the first 24 hours of following her plan the results were astounding. She gives excellent support and I can truly recommend her.”

Mum to Miss L. (15 months) and Master C. (3.5 years)

“Kim was great. She encouraged us to keep going when we were on the verge of accepting our status quo (which was sleepless nights, countless wakings which meant no one was happy). Glad we kept going because the changes were well worth it. Baby enjoys the sleep routine activities, is better rested and we get to sleep like normal humans should.”

Mum of Miss E. (15 months)

“Kim was exactly what we needed to get our once sleeping boy back on track. She has a lovely gentle approach which was what we needed for our boy. She was patient as it took a little longer due to illnesses but she never left us! Thank you for giving my nights back!”

Mum of Master A. (18 months)

“I didn’t think we needed the help as we’d read the books, but we obviously weren’t reading the right ones. After a few years I’d just had enough and it seemed to be getting worse not better! I finally reached out to Kim for help. After around 3 weeks we now have a little miss who loves to sleep all night! Kim focused on the positives and set up a routine that stopped the bedtime dramas. We were astounded by how simple it was (although it was not always easy). We’ll be recommending you to our friends with bad sleepers from now on and you’ll be the first person I call for help when our second child is born (later this year). We should have done this ages ago!”

Mum of Miss K. (3.5 years)

“We had a few tough nights of limit setting, but with Kim’s advice and support, our two-year old is now sleeping through the night. I never thought that would happen. Thank you!”

Mum of Miss S. (2.5 years)