Let me help you correct the balance of power and make bedtime the best time of the day, for everyone!!

Welcome to the next development stage in parenting! It’s when the most perfect sleeper can start mucking around at bedtime and then start waking numerous times at night. It’s also a time for testing the waters or pushing boundaries.

If your child has never slept through the night and you’re ready for this to change, book a call with me to discuss a personalised sleep plan for your family. 

If things used to be going well but now sleep has fallen apart, or if you’re at the stage of expecting another baby and you need better sleep, don’t despair! We can get you on track with sleep while keeping the following things about toddlers in mind.


Let me help you correct the balance of power and make bedtime the best time of the day, for everyone!

During the toddler stage of development, there is so much growth and change.

A major task for a toddler is independence – learning how to be independent and in fact, needing to be independent.

One of the most important things for parents of toddlers to do is support a toddler’s need for independence while ensuring that their need for structure and routine is being met.

Consistency is crucial for toddlers. Parents need to keep responding consistently and keep the expectations, routine and structure consistent as well.

They have a short attention span, and they are very active and have a high need for physical movement.

They have a low frustration point (low tolerance).

They have rapid mood shifts and their emotions are very intense (but usually very short lived!).

Living with a toddler and being a toddler is very, very difficult if the toddler isn’t well rested.

No more bedtime battles, a child that happily falls asleep and sleeps through, waking refreshed and ready to start a new day. Yes please! You will really notice the difference, and yes it is possible! And, it is often easier than you think (even if you think you’ve tried EVERYTHING).

Book your free sleep evaluation call to learn how I can help you correct the balance, and make bedtime the best time of the day, for everyone.

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What my clients are saying about me.

Our family got in touch with Kim after struggling for a few years with my daughter’s disrupted and out-of-whack sleeping and bedtime routines. April had always been my “good sleeper” as a baby/toddler/child but things started changing around the age of 8. Suddenly bedtime became a massive struggle, she constantly fought us and argued, constantly got out of bed for a myriad of reasons and often wouldn’t fall asleep before 10/10.30pm! This created other issues with her behaviour, performance at school and general well-being plus a lot of arguments between my husband and I about what was the best approach and basically bedtime became a yelling, angry time. After speaking at length with Kim, she developed a specific program for April and WOW what a change! I’m not going to lie, the start was challenging and hard work and at times I really wanted to give up but I kept thinking of my goal and the end result: to be able to send her to bed without any challenges and have her remain there and fall asleep quickly. As if all of this wasn’t enough, we are also in the middle of a global pandemic and where we live we are CONSTANTLY in and out of hard lockdowns with the kids homeschooling for months on end, unable to socialise with friends or family, no community sport to partake in and just a huge disruption to our routine. Despite these very difficult circumstances we persevered because we were all invested in this and I am a big believer of where there’s a will there’s a way. So we soldiered on and with fabulous results! Kim’s program provided that little bit of routine and stability for April when everything else had been taken away. Bedtime became a beautiful time of unwinding and reading together and we’ve definitely bonded over it. In the end, we got the exact result we were after and actually even more! April and I enjoy quality time together, she no longer fights bedtime and in fact she now openly admits and recognises that she’s tired and is happy to sleep – what a turnaround! I highly recommend Kim and her program, the investment of time and money is SO worth it. If you are considering it, don’t let anything hold you back! Go for it and you too will enjoy peaceful nights and a happy family just like we are!

Mum of Miss A

(8 years old)

I contacted Kim in desperation with a nearly 3 year old who had literally never slept through the night. Kim was recommended to me because of her success with toddlers using a gentle sleep training method.

As a single, full-time working mum I’d reached the point where I just couldn’t go on without more sleep. My daughter was taking 1 – 2 hours to put down at night and I had to lie with her till she went to sleep (usually around 9pm), we were co-sleeping and she was waking a couple of times a night and then up for the day at 5am. After about 3 weeks of Kim’s programme I’m pleased to say she’s now happily putting herself to sleep after a short bedtime routine around 7pm and sleeping through to 6.30am.

Kim really took the time to understand us and our individual situation and her guidance and support through the tougher nights was invaluable. Amara and I are both getting more sleep and are happier for it – thanks so much Kim

Mum of Miss A

(2.8 years)