If you’re an expectant parent or have recently had a baby, Congratulations!

Below you will find links to my newborn blogs, my e-book and my Cherished Start package. Parenting is a challenging and rewarding role and I want you to feel confident with sleep, so you know your little one is getting off to the very best start in life! Yes, sleep really is that important!

You don’t receive a newborn manual when you leave the hospital with your wee bundle of joy, but you can rely on me, Kim, to help you navigate those tricky sleep issues your antenatal classes didn’t warn you about.

Newborn sleep can be a challenge because you are also learning to navigate your own reduced sleep. Becoming a parent is quite the change, and it helps to have your own village on hand. Cherished sleep is part of your village. My team is here to ensure you get on the path to good sleep early. Doing this means that once you are outside the 4th trimester (that newborn stage) good sleep habits are already under way, and there is no need to “sleep train”.

These early weeks are a time of getting to know each other and taking it slow. But it is also a great time for starting as you mean to go on. If that means putting your little one down in their pepe pod or bassinet at times, you may be surprised when they do not want to be away from you and protest that. Now what!?

Yes, you will likely need to cuddle your bundle of joy and help with sleep for a while; but you can also encourage good sleep habits from day one, so you too can put your feet up, have a shower or eat! My newborn e-book can help you with that.

“If you would like to be even more prepared and have someone walk through your new sleep journey with you, my Cherished Start package is for you. This package includes an online private consultation, a customised sleep plan and four support emails OR phone calls. You can also add on more support as best suited to you. You can find more below or book a free call with me by clicking here.

Newborn Sleep Plan

For when they don’t give you the manual! This package is for those who realise sleep is vital for everyone in the family to function well, and for parents wanting to give their newborn the best start in life. It will give you some insights into baby sleep and help you put some great habits in place so your child can start sleeping independently throughout the night when they are developmentally ready.

Cherished Start

Suitable for expecting parents and families with newborns (up to 10 weeks)

This package includes:

  • A 60-90 minute personalised sleep consultation via phone or Zoom
  • A sleep plan for newborns
  • Four follow-up support emails or phone calls (your choice)
  • Other resources as applicable

Price: $299

Newborn Blogs