What my clients are saying about me.

Our family got in touch with Kim after struggling for a few years with my daughter’s disrupted and out-of-whack sleeping and bedtime routines. April had always been my “good sleeper” as a baby/toddler/child but things started changing around the age of 8. Suddenly bedtime became a massive struggle, she constantly fought us and argued, constantly got out of bed for a myriad of reasons and often wouldn’t fall asleep before 10/10.30pm! This created other issues with her behaviour, performance at school and general well-being plus a lot of arguments between my husband and I about what was the best approach and basically bedtime became a yelling, angry time. After speaking at length with Kim, she developed a specific program for April and WOW what a change! I’m not going to lie, the start was challenging and hard work and at times I really wanted to give up but I kept thinking of my goal and the end result: to be able to send her to bed without any challenges and have her remain there and fall asleep quickly. As if all of this wasn’t enough, we are also in the middle of a global pandemic and where we live we are CONSTANTLY in and out of hard lockdowns with the kids homeschooling for months on end, unable to socialise with friends or family, no community sport to partake in and just a huge disruption to our routine. Despite these very difficult circumstances we persevered because we were all invested in this and I am a big believer of where there’s a will there’s a way. So we soldiered on and with fabulous results! Kim’s program provided that little bit of routine and stability for April when everything else had been taken away. Bedtime became a beautiful time of unwinding and reading together and we’ve definitely bonded over it. In the end, we got the exact result we were after and actually even more! April and I enjoy quality time together, she no longer fights bedtime and in fact she now openly admits and recognises that she’s tired and is happy to sleep – what a turnaround! I highly recommend Kim and her program, the investment of time and money is SO worth it. If you are considering it, don’t let anything hold you back! Go for it and you too will enjoy peaceful nights and a happy family just like we are!

Mum of Miss A

(8 years old)

We asked for Kim’s help when our 8 year old son was having trouble sleeping at night. We were 8 months into a troubled bed time and had tried all sorts of things with not much luck. Kim was very professional, shared lots of thoughtful information and bonded well with our child which was great – he was on board for the journey. She kept in touch often, both to offer help but also to provide assurance and answer questions. She genuinely cares for those she is working with and it shows in her interactions. We reached our goal of him going to bed happily by himself and we have Kim to thank for that. She provided a simple framework to follow, what to do and when and we are very thankful for all her help as bedtimes are a breeze now. We would highly recommend her.

Mum of Master T.

(8 years)

Before Kim came on the scene, my 16-month-old son was waking twice a night for a bottle, plus countless other times crying, wanting cuddles, sometimes up for hours. It was exhausting. Kim came in with such warmth, wisdom and encouragement and honestly it was game-changing. She gave me the support and tools I needed to help my son sleep and most importantly the confidence to follow through. I couldn’t believe the change after just a few days. He now sleeps all night. No bottles, no waking, no tears. Looking back, I don’t know why I waited so long! Thank you Kim, a true treasure.

Mum of Master I.

(18 months)

Kim, I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for us. Your kindness, patience and support has been absolutely remarkable and has exceeded anything we could have possibly expected. I am so inspired by your passion for what you do, your attention to the smallest details, and your cute personal touches. Thank you for helping us to banish the “Bumps in the Night”, and to make sleep deprivation a thing of the past. I couldn’t recommend you more highly. If your child isn’t sleeping well, Kim will help you to get back on track and help your family get the rest they deserve. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Mum of Miss R.

(2.5 Years)

The biggest thank you to Kim for all her guidance, support and help in teaching us how to support Sam to develop his own good sleeping habits. When we started out no one was really getting any sleep and at his worst Sam was waking every hour, unable to transition through sleep cycles and very dependent on sleep props (dummy, rocking) to fall asleep. A month on and he is able to settle to sleep on his own in his cot without props, transition through sleep cycles, has dropped his night feed and started sleeping through the night. We are so proud of his progress and thrilled to have been supported by Kim to understand and develop the skills we needed as parents to support Sam through this transition. No baby is the same and Kim was able to provide us with a presonalised plan that was gentle, baby-led and didn’t involve prolonged screaming and crying. We couldn’t recommend her Enough!

Mum of Master S

(7 months)

Seeking help from Kim has been amazing! I was waking with my 8-month old up to 10 times a night (I know). Kim explained sleep to me so I could see what was currently happening with Zoey. Rather than just expecting me to just do what she says, she walked me through the plan and gave me opportunities to give input on how to create a new routine.

Within 3 days my daughter started to sleep up to 12 hours a night and only 1 if any wakes!!!! 2 weeks on and I can place her awake in bed and walk out as she quietly falls asleep on her own. Zoey is happier and able to play longer without me having to be right next to her and eating better. We can’t thank Kim enough. Would definitely recommend every time

Mum of Miss Z

(8 months)

We called a few sleep consultants but chose Kim as she was the only one to ask questions specifically about my baby…for example if he took any medications, what was his feeding like. It felt like we wouldn’t get a generic service. My husband and I were at rock bottom when Kim came to our home..we argued constantly about sleep, no sleep, why we all weren’t sleeping etc and we found Kim very relatable and she didn’t mess about. She advised we could do things certain ways but the desired result would be delayed and we trusted her and had confidence in her expertise. The first night was tough but he got progressively better and he is finally catching up on all his sleep debt. You have nothing to lose in reaching out as the money is the best investment!! Thx Kim!!

Mum of Master B.

(7 months)

We have been having drama with Rosie’s sleeping since our son was born. I put it down to the fact that we transitioned her to a bed too early. I thought we would be able to handle the problem or that she would eventually just grow out of it. But after almost a year of her refusing to go to bed at night without her mum, and ending up in our bed each night, the situation began to take its toll.

“When we discovered Kim from Cherished Sleep, things began to change for our family almost immediately. Within a week of starting our sleep plan, Rosie was settling herself to sleep almost every night. After two weeks, Rose was going to sleep completely unassisted and sleeping the entire night in her own bed.

By the time we had completed the 3 week sleep plan we knew things had changed for good! Rose was sleeping so well. We even noticed improvements in her behaviour during the day! My wife and I now have our evenings back and are finally able to get a full nights sleep ourselves.”

Thank you Kim, you have made such a difference to Rosie’s sleeping, and in turn, ours.

Dad of Miss R

(3 years)

Kim thank you! You have helped us twice now and both times have been so so invaluable. You have been nothing short of amazing and I love that your sincere desire to see sleep happen is obvious in your work.

I wouldn’t hesitate to use you again if we need to or to recommend you to friends.  Thanks so much! Will miss our chats.

Mum of Master A

(4 months)

Kim knows her stuff. Put your trust in her and she will get your sanity back. After 7 months of my daughter waking up every 2 hours on the dot I needed help. With Kim’s guidance and strong will she slept through the night third day into the plan. I am on top of the world. I am proud of her and myself and it’s all thanks to Kim and her experience and words of encouragement.

Mum of Miss E

(11 months)

I have struggled with sleep since I was a baby. It’s coloured my life in so many negative ways. Not sleeping is a terrible curse! Finally at 47 I did sleep therapy and it really helped me to sleep far better than ever. However, 5 years on and although sleep was OK it wasn’t great and seemed to be getting worse again. Enter Kim! Kim has given me a new understanding about sleep and enabled me to not stress around routines. It’s opened up a whole new world of relaxation. Within 2 months I feel totally differently about sleep and have had more energy than I’ve felt – ever! Thanks Kim

Judith Y.


Kim was amazing to work with! She stuck with us all the way to the end with endless support and encouragement. We had a few challenges, one being 2-3 hour wake ups in the middle of the night and the other being ditching the dummy. Throw in a good bout of teething and a husband moving to Christchurch for work, we had our work cut out for us. But Kim was always there, I never felt alone and knew I could always pick up the phone and txt or call for advice.

Kim uses a very gentle approach which suited our family perfectly. Olivia is now happily settling herself to sleep for naps and bedtime without any sleep props. The night wakes have been drastically reduced(not completely eliminated due to some ongoing tummy issues) and I now have my evenings back – yay!

Thank you Kim, it has been amazing working with you 

Mum of Miss O

(13 months)

Kim was very friendly and helpful and listened to every detail of my sleep struggles to help me greatly improve my sleep and understanding of how much sleep I need and how best to achieve that.

Mr L.


We had tried everything we could think of to get my son to sleep through the night, so much so I wondered what Kim could possible offer that we hadn’t tried already. You can imagine our shock and delight after following her plan by the 3rd night he had slept through!  Kim has such a gentle, supportive and extremely knowledgeable approach I only wish I had found her earlier.

Mum of Master C.

(3 years)

Kim knows her stuff. Put your trust in her and she will get your sanity back. After 9 months of my daughter waking up every 2 hours on the dot I needed help. With Kim’s guidance and strong will she slept through the night third day into the plan. I am on top of the world. I am proud of her and myself and its all thanks to Kim and her experience and words of encouragement.

Mum of Miss E.

(12 months)

Kim was exactly what we needed to get our once sleeping boy back on track. She has a lovely gentle approach which was what we needed for our boy. She was patient as it took a little longer due to illnesses but she never left us! Thank you for giving my nights back!

Mum of Master A.

(18 months)

Kim Corley has changed my life. FOR REAL!!I was a long-term insomniac, as in frequently going days without sleep. This year things were getting worse so I called on Kim, who put together a program. I am now able to say that for the first time in at least 30 years I have had 2 days in a row not being tired.

I feel like I’m bouncing off walls. I always wondered whether it was normal to be tired all the time and just figured I do too much in terms of work, responsibility and exercise. Now I sleep so much better I’m not actually tired. WOW. I feel like a totally different person and you should see how much I can now achieve in a day!!!!

Thanks Kim, you’re a magician.

Mrs Y


I love that I am able to go back to sleep when I wake in the night. Previously, I was waking and not being able to go back to sleep. Working with Kim made me realise how much I think about sleep (and not in a good way). It feels quite freeing to know I can sleep better, and I learnt that I probably need more sleep than I think I do. Kim was very experienced, well researched, knowledgeable and the programme was delivered in a very caring empathetic manner. If I had to change anything it would be me being home more, so I had more time to commit to it.

Charmaine V.


Our at the time master 3 year old had been waking during the night and not going back to sleep in his own bed, he just came to our room and slept with daddy, mum moved to another room cause he was a restless wee monkey. I talked to Kim and within I think a week I had him sleeping in his own bed all night. He now barely wakes during the night at all. Thank you so much. I finally got my bed back after 2 years!

Mum of Master K.

(3 years)

Sleep training my son Mac was something we had been putting off for years! He is 3 ½ years old and was a text book sleeper for the first 4 months and then it all went to custard! Due to exhaustion I would simply sleep with him, as it was the only way we would all get a good night’s sleep.

I recently completed Kim’s sleep training and can honestly say it was excellent! She is very thoughtful, organised and detailed with her survey, sleep plan, supporting material and has lots of excellent practical tips. The biggest difference between working with Kim and other sleep consultants I had worked with in the past, was the follow-up calls for the first week and the shared logs. Having that support/accountability meant that I actually followed the plan, as we are both big softies and honestly believed that Mac would not cope with sleeping alone or learn how to self settle. Well he proved us both wrong and took to it like a duck to water! Mac now sleeps though most nights and falls asleep within 5 mins of closing his eyes most nights! Yehaaa!!!  Thank you Kim xx

Mum of Master M.

(3.5 years)

Kim was great. She encouraged us to keep going when we were on the verge of accepting our status quo (which was sleepless nights, countless wakings which meant no one was happy). Glad we kept going because the changes were well worth it. Baby enjoys the sleep routine activities, is better rested and we get to sleep like normal humans should.

Mum of Miss E.

(15 months)

When I first met Kim I was exhausted from getting up to feed my eight month old at least three times each night, yet I had no idea how to remedy the situation. However her kind and empathetic approach made me feel instantly at ease – and unlike many other practitioners she doesn’t apply a one size fits all approach, instead taking the time to sit down with you and understand exactly what is going on and how she can help. Kim has an array of settling strategies designed to suit all parenting styles – from the gentlest of approaches through to plans for the chronically sleep deprived who need to see results quickly. My husband and I both love the routines she has helped us implement and my son’s night time wakings are vastly improved. He has also stopped resisting daytime naps and knows exactly what to expect when getting ready for bed. Importantly, the follow-up care from Cherished Sleep is second to none – with plenty of support available from Kim as you begin your journey to better sleep!

Mum of Master C.

(8 months)

Kim has been so attentive to our little girls needs from day one, even when things weren’t going to plan due to multiple reasons she stuck with us and tried to delve into why things weren’t going as well as they could be.   Whether it be phone calls or chats over the sleep log, she was always very responsive and gave us tips on what we could try or stop doing.  She has been amazing and definitely worth the time and effort (and money) to engage in her help.

Mum of Miss E

(17 months)

You have allowed us to not only have a baby who sleeps well, you’ve given us our evenings back! You have helped all three of us get sleep! So that’s worth celebrating! Your kindness and commitment have paid off as we have a 6 month old who sleeps through! ( most days haha.) Thanks again you’re awesome and we’ve loved your help and greatly appreciated it

Mum of Master

(7 months)

Thanks Kim for your help and paitence in the ups and downs. Our 11 month old went from waking every 2 hours at night (feeding to sleep) to sleeping through the night in week and a half! Naps were much harder, but you were always there to give advice when we got stuck.

Mum of Miss I.

(11 months)

I just wanted to say a massive thank you Kim! I came to you in desperation, I thought I had Indie’s sleep under control but the more and more I saw her tired, upset and was a constant battle I knew something had to change. We needed structure, especially during the day as I now know that day time naps/feeds equal to a great night sleep which we now have 12+ hours of, all thanks to you!

Mum of Miss I.

(6 months)

Kim has overnight changed our lives. It was quite staggering how quickly it happened. From waking every two hours at night, and needing to be fed to sleep by mummy, Hanna-May now sleeps through the night. We noticed changes to her night sleeps within the first 1-2 nights, all by following Kim’s simple process. We also appreciated the personal communication from Kim who was always only an email away. Thank you Kim, smiles all around in our household.

Mum & Dad of Miss H

(4 months)

I am so glad we made the decision to get Kim in to help us figure out the best way to proceed in trying to get our 14 month old to sleep happily on her own. It seemed like we had a few ‘bad habits’ stacked against us – having to rock her in our arms to sleep, then put her in our bed for the night, and then deal with the numerous night wakes for feeds. But to our delight Evie adapted so well to the plan, she is now sleeping in her OWN cot in her OWN room without all the drama I was anticipating. Yes it takes hard work and perseverance, but Kim really cares and her warm support and knowledgeable advice every step of the way makes the process seem much less daunting and definitely do-able. Knowing she was right there if we needed help and problem solving tailored to our specific situation is what enabled us stick to the plan and eventually experience our baby sleeping through the night all on her own!

Mum of Miss E.

(14 months)

I want to thank you once again for all your advice and support. I got results on the second night after following your program, Tristyn went from 4 night wakes to only one, and by the end of the week she was sleeping through at 14 weeks old. The plan has changed our lives; sleep deprivation is a thing of the past.  Thanks Kim.

Mum of Miss T.

(14 weeks)

I contacted Kim in desperation with a nearly 3 year old who had literally never slept through the night. Kim was recommended to me because of her success with toddlers using a gentle sleep training method.

As a single, full-time working mum I’d reached the point where I just couldn’t go on without more sleep. My daughter was taking 1 – 2 hours to put down at night and I had to lie with her till she went to sleep (usually around 9pm), we were co-sleeping and she was waking a couple of times a night and then up for the day at 5am. After about 3 weeks of Kim’s programme I’m pleased to say she’s now happily putting herself to sleep after a short bedtime routine around 7pm and sleeping through to 6.30am.

Kim really took the time to understand us and our individual situation and her guidance and support through the tougher nights was invaluable. Amara and I are both getting more sleep and are happier for it – thanks so much Kim

Mum of Miss A

(2.8 years)

Our 10 month old was waking 6-7 times a night and was having to be rocked to sleep. I was over it, hadn’t slept more than 3 hours at a time for a long time and my partner and I were at a dead end. We were recommended Kim so gave her a call. Mike and I thought about it for a few days and finally decided to go with our gut and go ahead with her. After meeting Kim we instantly felt good about the whole thing, felt confident after she left our house and started our new sleep plan that night. Our little boy slept 11 hours that night which he had never done before. It was hard, and took a while to get him to sleep but after a few days he had it locked down. Since night one he has slept every night, and when he does wake he can re settle himself. He goes into his cot wide awake WITHOUT a dummy! And put himself to sleep. We are a changed household and was money well spent, we would recommend this to everyone! Everybody needs a Kim to help them sort out their sleep!

Mum of Master L

(10 months)

Dear Kim, for 9 years we have had broken sleep with both our children Anahera 9 & Zach 7, not only have we had broken sleep we would have to lie with each of the kids until they went to sleep, this sometimes could take up to two hours a night.

Both our children have ADHD and suffer with major anxiety so we just thought this was how it will be until they are much older. Then we met you and immediately knew that a big change for the better was about to happen to our family.

Your approach was very nurturing, soft but firm and you really understood our children and what we as a family needed and how best to help us achieve that. Our son Zach was able after 3 nights to go to sleep on his own and stay in his bed all night until 7am. Anahera was more of a challenge but after two weeks and a lot of support from you she finally achieved what her brother could do.

We really do not have the words to express just how life changing your help has been to our family. We as a family bonded over this process and bedtime has become a lovely routine for us all. We know that there will still be ups and downs but seeing the 100% results you have helped us receive we now know that anything is possible.

We wish you all the best and we also know that you will continue making positive impacts on so many families lives.

Mum and Dad of Miss A and Master Z.

(9 & 7 years)

Kim we can’t thank you enough! Our nearly 6 month old was not going down at night till late, was frequently waking in the night and I would have to rock her back to sleep which was getting very old very quickly and not to mention was a serial cat napper during the day. 

Something had to change but we didn’t know how or where to start and then we were recommended Kim so my hubby and I didn’t hesitate to reach out. Kim you gave us so much reassurance and support to help our little girl to get some much needed sleep. The first night she slept 7-7 which is happening every night now, she is able to self settle, she’s in bed early, she’s ditched the dummy and naps are no longer 20 mins but more like 1-2 hours! I keep asking Kim “who’s child is this” ….. and yup she’s mine!

Kim is professional, honest, supportive, and knowledgeable. Kim you have changed our lives.

Mum of Miss E

(6 months)

After 9 long months of not sleeping and having to feed at every wake up to resettle our strong stubborn little man and with calving just around the corner we needed to find a way to get Cayden to sleep through without our help. We thought we would give Kim a try as this mumma needed sleep to keep up with our 2 yr old. 1 night with Kim we no longer feed to sleep and we now have a little man who sleeps all night. Thank you so much for making our house a happier place Kim. No longer a sleep deprived mumma.

Mum of Master C

(8 months)

Amazing, after nine years of sleep battles and broken sleep you have truly given us life and energy which in turn has really helped us as a whole family unit; that has been life changing…   … Out of all the specialists we have seen over the years you were the only one that has given us a 100% results. Thank for helping us and our children achieve better sleep. Our family are forever grateful.

Mum of Miss A.

(9 years)

Before seeking help, I was frequently waking up in the night, after working with Kim, I’ve found I’m waking less, and there is less stress surrounding sleep. Now, when I do wake at night, I’m ok with it and don’t get upset about it as I know I can drift off again. I ended up with a much clearer understanding of the science surrounding sleep, how the mind/body works and the reasons for the way things work. While some things were easy to implement, some were not, but in the end it worked as I am in control of the situation now.

Lisa B.


Kim has successfully given us her knowledge, experience and advice to help get both my kids (15 months and 3.5 years) to sleep through the night and I can honestly say thanks to her amazing work it has changed my life!

I kept waiting for the littlies to grow out of waking so often but Kim educated me how to gently get them back to sleep. She developed two completely different programs for both kids and within the first 24 hours of following her plan the results were astounding. She gives excellent support and I can truly recommend her.

Mum to Miss L.

(15 months and 3.5 years)

“I didn’t think we needed the help as we’d read the books, but we obviously weren’t reading the right ones. After a few years I’d just had enough and it seemed to be getting worse not better! I finally reached out to Kim for help. After around 3 weeks we now have a little miss who loves to sleep all night! Kim focused on the positives and set up a routine that stopped the bedtime dramas. We were astounded by how simple it was (although it was not always easy). We’ll be recommending you to our friends with bad sleepers from now on and you’ll be the first person I call for help when our second child is born (later this year). We should have done this ages ago!

Mum of Miss K.

(3.5 years)

We have been having drama with Rosie’s sleeping since our son was born. I put it down to the fact that we transitioned her to a bed too early. I thought we would be able to handle the problem or that she would eventually just grow out of it. But after almost a year of her refusing to go to bed at night without her mum, and ending up in our bed each night, the situation began to take its toll.

When we discovered Kim from Cherished Sleep, things began to change for our family almost immediately. Within a week of starting our sleep plan, Rosie was settling herself to sleep almost every night. After two weeks, Rose was going to sleep completely unassisted and sleeping the entire night in her own bed.  By the time we had completed the 3 week sleep plan we knew things had changed for good!

Rose was sleeping so well. We even noticed improvements in her behaviour during the day! My wife and I now have our evenings back and are finally able to get a full night’s sleep ourselves. Thank you Kim, you have made such a difference to Rosie’s sleeping, and in turn, ours.

Dad of Miss R.

(2.8 years)

You totally understood the ‘if it’s not a problem for me, it’s not a problem’. Some things weren’t ‘ideal’ in your experience, but they were working for us so you listened when we asked for certain things not to be changed. He’s pretty much guaranteed to sleep 11+ hours at night now after previously waking 6-8 times a night! Thank you for my sleep!

Mum of Master

(6 months)

Kim you’ve changed our lives! It’s not just babies who need sleep support and our family will be forever grateful for your practical advice, ongoing support and cheerleading. We’ve got our evenings back and I’ll never forget who did that for us. The very best money we’ve ever spent by far! I’m now one of those smug people who takes normal bedtimes for granted.

Mum of Master M

(8 years)

I followed Kim on Facebook for a few months before I got to breaking point from ongoing exhaustion and made the call that changed our lives for the better.

I have 2 girls (3 & 7) that had been sleeping in my room/bed for most of their lives. The process to get them to sleep would sometimes take hours and be very stressful. This put an enormous strain on the whole family and no one was getting enough sleep.

During our first call, Kim asked me what I was hoping to achieve and I replied 1. Having my two girls fall asleep on their own and 2. For them to be able to go back to sleep when they wake at night without me beside them. I had expected Kim to tell me that my expectations were unrealistic because they were so far from the reality we had been living for so long!

Kim met with us and put a plan in place. We saw improvement within days. My husband and I often looked at each other and said “can you believe they are sleeping in their own rooms and their own beds??”

My 7 yr old is very anxious and we were resorting to melatonin to help her wind down and fall asleep at night. With Kim’s help we no longer use the melatonin and both girls are usually in bed asleep before 7pm. They also rarely wake up through the night!

I found Kim to be very understanding of my daughter’s anxiety and also my own. When I had questions or I needed reassurance Kim provided the answers and support that I needed. I highly recommend speaking to Kim if you are having difficulties with your little one.

Mum of Miss 3 and Miss 7

Before Kim’s help I tried so many different ways to get Millie to sleep by herself In her cot but nothing worked and it all ended in tears…

Millie used to refuse to sleep in her cot for her day naps so every day she would sleep in our arms for her naps and the novelty wore off pretty fast.

With Kim’s programme, Millie now sleeps in her cot all the time, from 7pm-7am and for her two day naps and she sleeps 1.5hrs + without me having to intervene. Also I put Millie in her cot awake and she puts herself to sleep every time.

Millie is much happier in herself having her own space to sleep all the time and I get so much free time to myself when she naps and I get so much done!

I honestly wish I had done this sooner!

Thank you so much Kim for helping and supporting me and my family through this journey.

Mum of Miss M

(6 months)

We had a few tough nights of limit setting, but with Kim’s advice and support, our two-year old is now sleeping through the night. I never thought that would happen. Thank you!

Mum of Miss S.

(2.5 years)