Welcome to the infant stage

After the first 3-4 months of life your child is no longer a newborn. This next stage of infanthood lasts until you hit the toddler years. But don’t be fooled, although still young, your child is primed for learning during these months. Indeed, between the ages of 3 and 6 months your little one is learning cause and effect at an extraordinary rate, so it’s a great time to start working on healthy sleep habits if you haven’t already.

They’re also finding their hands, and will suck on them (and everything else). This is the beginning of natural self settling as sucking is calming. But it’s also a time when sleep can get worse, as there is a physiological change with sleep, and more lighter sleep in the picture. That means if your baby starts relying on help getting to sleep, you could be in for some broken nights.

If you are finding your little one is waking more often (and it has gone on for more than 2 weeks), then it’s a great time to instill new sleep skills.I can help!

Five Steps To Getting Your Infant To Sleep Through The Night

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