Support Crew – ‘Get and give a hand’

by | Oct 2, 2017 | Sleep Consultant

Support Crew – ‘Get and give a hand’

When dealing with a life changing event such as the joy of a new baby, illness or an accident, we can find ourselves needing help with meals, transport, cleaning etc. from our family and friends. The problem is, it’s difficult to ask for help, and often, we’re so overwhelmed that we don’t even know what help we need. This leaves our family and friends wanting to help, but unsure of how so we’re left not getting the help we really need.
The challenges that may present as a new Mum was one of the many reasons Kelly Banks and Janine Williams developed Support Crew, to empower Mum’s to get the help and support they really need, however big or small. Support Crew is a free online support platform that easily co-ordinate the meals, transport, child care or any other support needed from family and friends.
It’s as easy as creating a Support Page, inviting family and friends, letting them know how they can help and keeping them updated on how you and baby are going, as well as managing visitors. And if it’s a REAL struggle to ask for help, someone else can set-up and manage a Support Page for you. Support Crew is determined to make it easier to give and get a hand for new Mums just like back in the good ol’ days. To be the best Mum, we need to ask for help and our crew wants to help! We are all in this together!
You can read more here in Janine’s blog about her wee man Ethan who was born prematurely and how she wished she’s asked for more help.


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Janine’s experience:
As a new Mum 8 years ago, I remember the feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion, uncertainty and just ‘how the hell do I do all of this and do it perfectly’? Being a ‘type A’ personality, I created these ridiculous expectations of myself that included being some ‘Super Mum and Wife’. I would feel immense guilt when I felt like I wasn’t coping or everything was getting on top of me. The smack talk would creep in and I would think I was a failure if I hadn’t got dressed to a reasonable standard, cleaned the house, cooked a meal so it was ready for the hubby (I’m not a fan of cooking, so this still is a problem 8 years later), all on top of giving my baby everything he needed 24/7. My Mum was in South Africa when my eldest son was born and although I had an incredible support network of family and friends, I wasn’t sure what help I could and couldn’t ask for without being judged. Yip, everyone else seemed to manage without any help, or so I assumed.


I do remember wonderful meals being dropped off which made my day, but I wished there was a way I could have asked for more especially on those difficult days. The need for help, didn’t just stop after that first week. There were some days I just needed someone to watch my baby so I could have a shower or a sleep. I’m sure I looked like I had it together and most of the time I did, but there are always moments when you need help!
Support Crew is here to provide an easy way for Mum’s to get the help they need when they need it. Even better an amazing friend can set up a Support Page for the new Mum and co-ordinate help from anyone in her support network.
To be the best Mum, we need to ask for help and our crew wants to help! We are all in this together! Welcome to Support Crew, the new virtual village to raise a child.
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