Salt and Oil

Salt & Oil

Salt and Oil bath soaks are an affordable everyday treat to add to your well-being routine. No bath? No problem – they are designed to be used a body scrub in the shower too, or as a relaxing foot soak.

You need these soaks in your life if you:

  • Are feeling stressed and irritable,
  • Have brain fog,
  • Aren’t sleeping well,
  • Feel stiff and sore after your workout,t
  • Want some relaxing ‘you time’ that’s also quick and easy,

 SO Bath soaks contain Natural Epsom salt full of magnesium to help relax sore muscles and soothe your mind and support healthy sleep patterns. And Himalayan pink salt with its 84 body-boosting nutrients. Each soak contains different essential oils to suit your needs.

​SO bath soaks DO NOT contain additives like fillers, flow agents, bleach or colorants. And there’s also no faffy extras like glitter or flower petals (so you won’t have to spend ages rinsing out the bath afterwards or find odd bits and pieces still stuck to your skin the next day