Discount code can be used for Gobstopperz Original, Mini and Sleep supports only (all other items are excluded from the discount).

Are you tired of looking for your baby’s dummy? then Gobstopperz might be just what you need, a versatile holder for soothers, pacifiers, dummies, teethers and other items your baby likes to keep close, and also serve as a comforter in themselves with a soft, minky dot blanket and sensory tags. They have snaps to attach to both the soother and a pram handle, car seat, play gym or anything else, keeping everything within easy reach.

Designed with form and function in mind, Gobstopperz are fashionable for babies and practical for parents. They keep soothers clean with the “Roll, Wrap and Snap” function and look great too, thanks to stylish contemporary colours and designs. A must-have item for Kiwi and Aussie parents, and a fantastic gift, these are one of the handiest baby items you’ll come across.

DISCOUNT CODE – cherished15