Five reasons to hire a sleep consultant

Five reasons to hire a sleep consultant

If you’re wondering whether to hire some help or go it alone; here are five reasons to hire a sleep consultant. Rest assured (well, maybe) there is nothing stopping you grabbing a book, doing the research and solving your child’s sleep issues yourself. New Zealanders in general are a DIY lot. Like our get up and go attitude, this can be a great thing. But is it right for you?

There is a wealth of information out there, but you might need to search for it. Then how do you know you have the right advice for your child? When should you call in a professional over going it alone?

Here are my top five reasons to work with a certified Sleep Sense consultant:

You just don’t know where to start

The days when we use to have ready access to the village to raise a child are long gone. These days you’re lucky if you have family in the same city, and even if you do have family around, their ideas of child-raising may be very different to your own. A sleep-sense consultant will customise a sleep plan for your child that works for you and your family. You’ll receive a step-by-step guide that lets you know when and how to start, and the plan is easy to follow.

You’re changing the habit of a lifetime

It could be that your 10-month old child has needed to be rocked or nursed to sleep every night so far, and now you want to make some changes (before you return to work for example). These children can have a tougher time (it takes longer than a couple of nights) because they’ve had so much practice with the negative sleep “prop”: it’s a habit. The older the child, the harder it can be to change. It really does help to have some solid support from someone who knows what to expect at this time.

Your child had a rough start

Maybe your baby had reflux or colic as a newborn or maybe you have a spirited baby and you’re feeling a little unsure about what may work for them? Change is often harder for children who have had a rough start. It helps to have someone around who can answer questions and suggest changes that are more suitable for your child. All children are unique and it helps to be able to talk through the best fit in your case.

You’re tired

Parenting can be hard and if your child isn’t sleeping well, I can pretty much guarantee you aren’t either. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and doubt yourself in this situation. When you’re tired it’s harder to get motivated, harder to start, and harder to follow-through. A sleep consultant can help take the guesswork out of the situation with an easy-to-follow plan and follow-up support. While it still might take a couple of weeks – once your child starts sleeping through, you can too!


Whether you need to stay accountable, or you want the extra guidance, it’s good to have a support system when you’re thinking about doing any kind of serious lifestyle change. It’s why you hire a personal trainer, a nutritionist or you join a running group. Change is easier when you’ve got someone to support, assist and guide you through the process. A Sleep Sense consultant does all this; they are dedicated to answering your questions about your child, and will work with you to help you see it through. Together we can get your child sleeping through the night (and taking restful naps during the day).

Because everyone needs a good nights sleep! 

If you’re ready to get started – I’m looking forward to helping you. Contact me today for your FREE 15-minute consultation. I’d love to know more about your situation.

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