Evie’s Sleep Journey


Here is Evie following her sleep journey – isn’t she gorgeous

Evie’s Sleep Journey

Evie’s sleep journey happened a few years ago now. It was at that time I captured these comments from Evie’s Mum. But I stumbled on them again recently, and I needed to share the comments with you. This is a typical response when I work with families on sleep, and, as you will see, positive changes happen within days!

Before we started working together, 6-month-old Evie was waking multiple times throughout the night – naps were practically non-existent, and around 20 minutes at best, and Mum started the day with her at 5am. Tiring right!?

Here is a snapshot of how Mum found Evie’s sleep journey and a few of the sleep log notes I received over the first 2 weeks.

After night 2 of the sleep journey

“Great night! I slept well and didn’t hear her all night! E woke and chatted and played till 7:25am ?”

 After night 3 – day 2 afternoon nap

“Yay Evie had a decent sleep in her cot and woke up happy!”

First nap of day after night 4

10 minutes to fall asleep and asleep for 1 hr 20 min

“Whose child is this! ???”

First nap of the day after night 5

I think someone swapped my child ? woke at 10.42 after longest nap ever but was happily laying in cot till 11

Slept for 1 hr 40 minutes

Night 7 – left the room to leave Evie to it

“Eek just left Evie – taking off the training wheels ….. exciting! Let’s see if she acts differently!”

“Omg ? Evie was asleep within 15 mins – a little moaning then talking to herself and then BOOM out like a light and I wasn’t in the room to have to comfort her ? I’m finally starting to recognise her tired signs and thanks so much for reminding me to trust my instincts!”

Morning After night 7

“Wow ? is this really our child? I know I keep saying this but just wow! ….. Evie is sleeping so well and waking up smiling ? Justin and I are also sleeping well, and I don’t check the baby monitor as I’m asleep! Thankful, Thank you, happy family ? x”

Bedtime Night nine – and 10 minutes to fall asleep

“only a little grizzling tonight – yay! Winning! ☺️”

Morning after night 10

“Evie slept so well again! ☺️ she woke at 5.50 but only huffed and puffed for 5 mins then went back to sleep ….. win! Our Little night sleeper ?”

Morning after night 13 of the sleep journey

Another 6.30am wake up! Left her till closer to 7am to give her the opportunity like you suggested ? just can’t believe it’s only been such a short time and Evie’s sleeping so well ….. I mean 11-12 hours overnight and yesterday her 2 hour nap! ? yes this IS my child haha ….. I also don’t dread bedtime anymore ?

So, was it worth it?

Was it  worth the time, effort and money? You can decide. Here is the testimony Evie’s Mum left me following our time together:

“Kim we can’t thank you enough! Our nearly 6 month old was not going down at night till late, was frequently waking in the night and I would have to rock her back to sleep which was getting very old very quickly and not to mention was a serial cat napper during the day. 

Something had to change but we didn’t know how or where to start and then we were recommended Kim so my hubby and I didn’t hesitate to reach out. Kim you gave us so much reassurance and support to help our little girl to get some much needed sleep. The first night she slept 7-7 which is happening every night now, she is able to self settle, she’s in bed early, she’s ditched the dummy and naps are no longer 20 mins but more like 1-2 hours! I keep asking Kim “who’s child is this” ….. and yup she’s mine!

Kim is professional, honest, supportive, and knowledgeable. Kim you have changed our lives!”

A big thank you to Evie’s Mum for letting me share these accounts.

Is this for real?

In case you were wondering, yes, these comments are typical of a sleep journey – it often is so much easier than parents expect! Honestly!

If your child is getting enough sleep, they’re happy, playful, curious, energetic and eager to learn. As babies there is so much learning going on! With great sleep, their immune system is stronger; they grow and develop well, and have an easier time regulating their emotions. We all want this for our children! Right?

Are you interested in learning about better sleep for your child?

Kim x

P.S. If you have previously worked with me and would like to share your story, I’d love to be in contact again! Please reach out.