Dads need sleep too

Dads need sleep too

For the month of September 2022 we want everyone to acknowledge that “Dads need sleep too”. Sleep is for EVERYONE. And this Spring you get a chance to sort it (sleep that is, but once sleep falls into place most other things do too). We celebrate Dads along with Father’s Day and you get the savings!


This isn’t about Mums carrying the load day and night, but helping the WHOLE FAMILY recognise when sleep isn’t working and having EVERYONE sleep well. When your child isn’t sleeping well, NO ONE in the family is getting the sleep they need. Let’s fix that!

When you sign up for a Cherished Sleep Skills Package (for ages 3 months – 11 years) during the month of September you’ll get $100 OFF the usual price. Read on to see how to benefit.


If you haven’t yet spoken to me: 

  1. Get Dad on the phone during our free initial chat. Book here.


2. when we talk, tell me “Dads need sleep too”.

Simple huh. BTW, this also applies to Mums doing dad duty. Just let me know!

Or, if we have spoken in the last few months and you have a sleep proposal you haven’t actioned, email me with “Dads need sleep too” and I’ll reduce your invoice by $100 to get started.

There is some fine print: This promotional offer applies when any full-priced cherished sleep skills package is booked and paid for in September 2022 only. You can get started any time over the following 3 months as long as your package is locked in and paid in full. Call Bookings and consultations are limited: first in best choice.


I really want EVERYONE to experience the benefits of great sleep. Please help me spread the word. Share to social media. Tell your brother or sister, your adult children, and your besties, no matter where in the world they live. Location is no issue. Let’s get this message out to all families who need sleep.


Your choice of one of the following for every friend who books with me:

  • One free hour of text support on night one (save $50) Or refer 2 friends for 3 hours free text support (save $100)
  • Two additional phone calls during your plan (save $60) ·
  • One 20-minute AMA call outside a sleep plan (save $55)
  • One roll of sleepy Sundays blinds for just $65 + postage (save $34)
  • A small-size Angel Sleep Sack for just $22 (ages 3-6 months); some colours are limited
  • A $25 gift card of your choice from

PLEASE NOTE: While stocks last, some items are limited. First in first served.


Want to know more about WHY Dads need sleep too? This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Dads need sleep to stay healthy

A large number of men experience poor quality sleep (even outside of Fatherhood) and this is affecting both their general health and specifically men’s health (think erectile dysfunction, lower urinary tract symptoms, hypogonadal symptoms, low testosterone, and male infertility). And that’s above and beyond just not having the energy to exercise.

Want to get it on? Get sleep!

Dads need sleep to live longer

Short sleep over a prolonged period is associated with an increased risk of mortality (death) due to any cause. This actually applies to both men and women, especially if you sleep less than 7 hours a night (interestingly, this figure use to be touted as 6 hours a night: great to see sleep is gaining in importance).

Is Dad getting the sleep he needs to live longer and be there to see the kids grow up?

Dads need cherished sleep

Dads need sleep to drive safely

Driving with sleep deprivation is like driving drunk. Quite simply, it’s not safe for anyone to be behind the wheel when tired.

I have lost count just how many times Mums have told me of the near misses they have had when the family is in the car (Dad or Mum driving tired).


What are you doing about poor sleep? Please book a free call to learn how I can help get your sleep back. Then it will be much safer to take family road trips! Because EVERYONE needs a good night’s sleep. #dadstoo.