An Interview with Date Night Fairies – want to know more? read on!

An Interview with Date Night Fairies – want to know more? read on!

If you visited us at the Auckland Baby Show in August, you’ll have no doubt entered our exclusive Date Night Fairies giveaway. We may have enticed you to enter by suggesting a date night – and then we mentioned cleaning – and those of you that weren’t already hooked by the prospect of a date night (that happens far too rarely in most NZ households), got this gleam in your eye. The kind of gleam I got when I heard about Date Night Fairies – a babysitter who cleans while your children sleep! I was hooked!

It’s brilliant, it’s practical and it’s such a stress reliever all rolled into one!

I admit I may have chased down the national manager of this amazing company to make sure it was on offer for all the Auckland Mums and Dad’s out there that need a night out. And from the looks on your faces at the baby show, this one’s a winner!

And if you’re not in Auckland, don’t panic – this company is going national! Read our brief interview with Sharnika, the National Manager of Date Night Fairies Ltd to see what areas are currently covered and learn a little more about the Mum behind the concept (yes, of course it was a Mum). me3

Sharnika, tell us about yourself in three words: 

S: Mum + Wife + Fairy! Jay and I have three little boys, our big boy is 4 and our identical twins are 1. Life is busy to say the least (in the best way!).

Where did the Date Night Fairies idea come from?

S: My husband and I have never lived close to family, so we have always missed having one of ours mum come over while we head out on a rare date night. Mums and Nanas just know what needs doing and they always do it best (washing, cleaning up the dishes and doing a magical spruce up of the home). We haven’t always had a good babysitter on contact either, which is hard when you don’t have family to call on for help.

One night, our former Nanny (who was our home helper when the twins were teeny) folded the washing while she was babysitting for us – AND IT WAS AMAZING! The pile was huge, and I was dreading coming home to it. It felt like a Fairy had been in the home! That is when I thought ‘if babysitters get paid to sit around, surely they could be paid to do household chores?’. That was the night Date Night Fairies was created.

 Where do your Fairies cover?
S: Our Fairies are currently in Auckland (South, East and Franklin) along with Central Wellington. In a few weeks though, we will also cover Central and West Auckland, Tauranga, select Waikato areas and possibly Taupo.

 How do families know your Fairies are trustworthy?
S: That is such a good question, and being a mum myself I know that is one of the most important things to think about when getting a new ‘babysitter’ to look after your precious children (and home!). My Fairies are interviewed, police checked (this takes four weeks), hold current first aid certificates and are highly experienced with children.

Our Fairies currently are all either Early Childhood Teachers, Qualified Nannies or are mothers. That is not to say that is the criteria to be a Fairy! But I have been incredibly lucky to have found the best of the best Fairies so far, and will continue to hunt for new Fairies with the same high expectations in mind.

 Why choose Date Night Fairies though? Most parents already have a neighbourhood babysitter?
S: Date Night Fairies is a totally different, niche business. Our Fairies will always put the children first, they are the highest priority. Once the children are asleep and settled in their beds, our Fairies get to work. This is where the difference between babysitters and Fairies come in!

Babysitter: Kids are in bed, time for Netflix and biscuits!
Fairies: Kids are in bed, time to make this home gorgeous again!
..Tidying up all of the toys
..Cleaning bathrooms
..Wiping down cupboards……… The list goes on! Need I say more.


If people want to book a Fairy, how do they get in touch?
S: Our website will be re-launching the start of September (follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates and giveaways). Once it is live, all of the booking information is on there. Super simple, and super exciting!
I am genuinely so excited for more families to have a Fairy come and visit them throughout New Zealand – Parents deserve more from babysitters.. Families deserve Fairies! They are an absolute treat, and compliment date nights perfectly.

 Thank you Sharnika, from the bottom of our hearts!

And if you’d like to make sure your children have the sleep skills necessary to sleep through the night, giving your Date Night Fairy the opportunity to spruce the place up, contact me (Kim)! Book in a free 15-minute initial call to see how I can help. And follow along on the Cherished Sleep Facebook page and Instagram for more great blogs and sleep tips!

Because everyone needs a good night’s sleep – and a Date Night Fairy!