18th March 2022


Sleep Tips for Babies and Toddlers

General Sleep tips for babies & toddlers

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Good sleep is so important for your child, it makes sense to learn all the sleep tips you can. And of course the more you know, the more you can help your child sleep better! Lately I’ve charged for these seminars as they’re PACKED full of value. But for this World Sleep Day this webinar is FREE!

Whether your goal is for your little one to sleep through the night, nap for longer or you’d just like to know you are on the right track and gain some general healthy sleep tips (or brush up on your sleep tips for past clients), this is for you!

During my seminars you’ll discover what happens to your child’s sleep after the age of 3 months (yes, it really is different to newborn sleep), and put some of the common myths to bed. Is it fair to expect your child to sleep through the night from 3 months old? What does “sleeping through the night” mean anyway? Are sleep regressions really a thing? Come and find out!

This webinar incorporates my seven most important sleep tips and/or specific developmental information to help your baby or toddler sleep well. These tips are the basis of my individual sleep plans and what I talk through with my one-on-one clients. 

If you have a child aged between 3 months and 5 years, and you’re interested in better sleep (or you have a newborn or are pregnant and would like to be prepared for the next stage), this talk is for you. Tickets are limited, so don’t delay. Because you and your child are worth it!


⭐️  TWO HOURS of professional sleep consultant time for FREE.
⭐️  The same information I give my one : one clients. This information forms the basis of all my personal sleep plans.
⭐️  The chance to ask your questions BEFORE the event (once booked), and I’ll include the answer in my talk, so you know it’s relevant. PLUS a Q & A afterwards (time permitting).
⭐️  15% DISCOUNT off my sleep packages if you’d like to work together just for attending


“The seminar is an awesome experience and I enjoyed it. Very thankful to have learnt so much and I have implemented most of what I learnt and it has made a huge difference! “ Ashleigh L. 
“It was really interesting, I enjoyed hearing other people’s stories and learning tips and tricks about sleep. Easy to follow presentation (especially for someone who was tired!). The venue was great for me as I brought someone with me to look after our son outside in the playground. He loved it too!” Mum of Master 18 months
“Loved it, would happily attend another. Was nice to sit down with a coffee and some tasty muffins and learn a few pointers to help us get through the nights! Our son also had a super nights sleep that night after a fun morning in the playground!” Mel L.
“Thanks for the opportunity to attend the sleep seminar. I definitely came away feeling much more at ease and in control. I have tweaked a few things and followed your guidelines and it has made a huge difference. The second night she slept all night without waking except once at 4am, it was awesome!” Mum of Miss 6 months

Time: 10am – 12pm

Price: FREE for World Sleep Day

Location: via ZOOM (link sent when registered)